Saluda River
Columbia, SC

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March 25, 2005
Submitted by Chris Star

Water Temp: 52 F

The Saluda River is a Tail water fishery. The river was stable at 1,000 cubic feet per second. fished from 10am to 4 pm. lots of bugs hatched through out the day. Midges and Caddis dominating. Some mayflies where coming off in the late in the afternoon (size 18-20). 2 flies produced well all day. size 14 zug bug and a size 18 elk hair caddis (tan). I landed 10 fish ranging from 8 to 11 1/2" (a trophy fish on the Saluda is 14+"). The Saluda is a "Put, Grow, Take" system stocking begins in November or December, with small fish released. Fish grow at about an inch per month. There are very few carry-overs from year to year because of summer water temps and reduced Oxygen in the water.

Note from Jerry:
Chris is a former fly tying student who has pushed fly fishing to another level.  When he was living in PA, he would take his Kayak out on the ocean in Ocean City NJ and fly fish for stripers.  He is an excellent tier and fly fisherman.  I'm glad we keep in touch and hope for more reports in the future.  If you would like get in touch with Chris just click on his name at the top of this page.

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