Henryville Special Caddis Dry Fly

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Henryville Special Caddis Dry Fly

Hook:          Dry Fly Hook  sizes 12 - 18
Thread:        Grey 6/0 prewax
Palmer Rib:  Grizzly Hackle one size smaller then hook size
Body:           Olive Floss
Underwing    Wood duck flank fibers (mallard dyed wood duck is fine)
Wing:            Mallard wing fibers splayed outward.
Hackle:         Brown

Step 1

Tie the thread on the hook and bring it to the bend of the hook

Step 2

Tie in the grizzly hackle at the bend of the hook

Step 3

Move the thread up the shank a few wraps towards the eye to lock in the stem of the grizzly hackle.  Then cut the stem.

Step 4

Wrap the thread towards the eye of the hook.  Do not go to the eye.  Stop around 1/3 from the eye of the hook. 

Tie in the olive floss.

Step 5

Wrap the floss to the bend of the hook.  When you get to the bend, wrap the floss back to where you started from.

Step 6

Stop at 2/3 of the way. 

Step 7

Trim the tag of the floss

Step 8

Wrap the grizzly hackle in even wraps to where the floss has ended.


Step 9

Secure the grizzly hackle.

Step 10

Trim the excess hackle.

Step 11

Trim the top of the hackle fibers.

Step 12

Trim the hackle as close to the body as possible.

Step 13

Tie in a few Wood Duck Flank Fibers.  Mallard Dyed wood duck works also.

Step 14

Here is the trick to tying in the wing.  Hold the mallard wing fibers with your index finger on the far side of the hook.

Step 15

Now take the match mallard wing fiber and place in on the near side of the hook.  You should be able to secure the wing using the pinch method.

Step 16

This is how the wing should look like after using the pinch method.

Step 17

Trim the excess mallard wing fibers and make sure they are secure.

Step 18

Tie in the brown hackle near the mallard wing.

Step 19

Trim the hackle stem and cover it with thread.

Step 20

After 3 - 4 wraps of the brown hackle.  Tie it off, trim the excess and whipfinish.

Keep your Dry Flies Floating

I started using Hydrostop to make my dry flies float without using floatant.  This works great for those who tie their flies a few days before a trip.

Just drop you flies in the solution, let them sit for 5 minutes.  Then take them out and let them dry overnight.  This water repellent is permanent